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    Conclusions In particular, for the specific application in hematological malignancies, the sensitivity of our devices dihydroergotamine appropriate to dihydroergotamine detect all the protein concentration range from normal values present in serum of healthy individuals (<30ng/ml), up to higher concentration typical of pathologic conditions (>100ng/ml). It is comparable to the concentration range detected by commercial ELISA methodology, with the advantage of being less expensive in terms of cost and time-waste.
    Acknowledgements The authors thank Prof. S. Guglielmino (University of Messina) for useful discussions and Dr. S. Libertino for her help and logistic support during the carrying out of the experiments. S. Di Franco is Hybridoma acknowledged for lithographic processing. This work has been funded by MIUR by means of the PON R&C 2007–2013 national programme, Project “Hyppocrates – Sviluppo di Micro e Nano-Tecnologie e Sistemi Avanzati per la Salute dell\'uomo” (PON02 00355).